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2 Results Water For School Blain on 11/09/09 – 4:47 p.m. In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading Tick tock is the falling water. Falls on the river near here. Here, that’s life, water.

Water from heaven. Sky filled with clouds. gray clouds that make it rain. Rain that falls noisily. Ticking makes the water falling slowly. Dylan 2008-2009 Learn more France For The School Blain on 10/09/09 – 3:33 p.m.

In: Literature History Geo> Geography Location. On a world map, where the country is located? In the northwest of Europe. Dylan 2008-2009 Learn more
2 Results Petersen and Freinet.

The Jena Plan and the Modern School, By Olivier Francomme on 27/06/11 – 9:58 In: Gr. International analyzes a book Broersma Rouke, Velthausz Freek Editions Friends of Freinet, Mayenne, 2011, 121 p 9 €. Olivier Francomme, June 2011, Lecture Notes Add a comment Read more “Children’s rights in school.

Educating for Citizenship “by Jean Le Gal By Jean Le Gal on 09/17/18 – 11:08 In: analyzing a book teaching principles> Rights of the Child Democratic participation of children in decisions that affect them is, today, a fundamental right recognized by the international Convention on children’s rights adopted by the United Nations on 20 November 1989. in the book “children’s rights in school. Educating for Citizenship “, as Jean Le Gal makes available to all educators, it presents the educational and political dimensions of the right and the modalities of its implementation.

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By Agnes Merry on 11/13/15 – 11:33 In: Gr Social Pedagogy Social Pedagogy report Site Reminder: divide the time in half, and we do a “What’s New” in the morning and will work. research the afternoon. What’s new morning Abrazo Victoria and Joana expose the work of Grigny. An exit was organized in Paris in Canal Saint Martin.

The original request came from the demand of young people who wanted to see the place or kendji girac posed on a photo they like they wanted to see “the padlock bridge” and they also saw the Republic Square where they could evoke Charlie case. 9 young; Joana and Victoria have not necessarily required parental consent. In the spirit of companions, one always tends to show “that we are with them.” It was a disconcerting normality.

For accompanying this is also a way of rediscovering their environment by that which accompanies. They are committed to the construction site for the research / action. Gabriel: In Grenoble, we would draw on the picture book picture book to recreate a Romanian / Arabic Victoria: You might be doing a project a little smaller; what matters is to launch a plan of mutual discovery MME RUETABAGA Difficulty crops to conduct workshops on transition camp and temporary accommodation where some Roma families have found refuge after the expulsion of the previous camp. Ms.

Ruetabaga also working on manufacturing and even small books. Working with Roma children is always part of the struggle against prejudice among residents (majority Maghreb) and Roma. The idea of ??a Romanian picture book / Arabic gained ground. This experience and intercultural project also echoes with interlinguistic activities that the Robinsons are developing on the workshop of Villa Saint Martin.

Two other workshops currently exist in Villeneuve, Harlequin and Giants There is a radio studio that also works by recording programs directly outside with a recorder for “Radio Kaleidoskope”. The signage project “children’s height” still works. And the idea of ??this data from a “zero point” has come.

The first displays were torn and we question the motives of those who destroy: allergy to change, passion legitimacy? MRS RUETABAGA, they also work with “Teen” and “adulescents”. For several months they increase their range of ages and actions. Their regulars would like to see more and create more things. Melody operation, Stephane maternity leave, contract helped a subsidized contract was not renewed because Melody which was to resume is surdiplomee.

Currently it is in civic service to give this job to a Rrom Kashia, and others are volunteers. And these volunteers appueint on sharp things (Zechariah Morgan, Adeline, etc …) in Social Work Students ask to do internships in MS RUETABAGA. Currently, and this is new, there are many for activities.

But the financial situation is worrying and they will make the days of fundraising and mounting financial records. Ramona A much requested the DIHAL which is mainly funded disantes huge platforms that monopolize funds Ramona arises; it is jusries; she mediation skills against the Roma population. She worked with the PERU on Ris and cations with respect to people without accommodation.

Association “possible places”; this association is very different actiosn as penny cultural actiosn actions slum. They work in a small shanty town, rue Saint Antoine (Gypsy Quarter) There is also a very old slum The Abbe Pierre Foundation supports enormously. In connection with two years with the Collectif 14 (collective of architects) who works in the slum near the “walls fishing.” Worked also with a group of Roma women who made cloth bags.

Women have earned money and wanted to keep the money to buy together and jointly, a sewing machine. The goal was not to make a small cooperative stores Bobos, but to training and create jobs. Ramona was interested in the proposal of our association since the weekend of social pedagogy training we had done at the castle. She is particularly interested in the issues of materials, housing and environmental quality. The phenomenon of schooling and secolarisation.

Helen Robinson interlude presents the project of our social and educational canteen rather geared towards Roma people and not Roma social hotels. We want to install a kitchen equipment that allows: – to restate our vegetable production – in the morning, a canteen kitchen open to the outside is mounted.

People who work vienent produce 15 meals outside and leave with food cooked meanwhile – A meet conservation problems: supply customized storage available per family in our fridges and freezers – In the afternoon, we wait ten family that would cook for them – the canteen will also be the place of educational and social activities accompanying. Lawrence explained the reasons for the alliance with the MJC. The MJC paying the choice of the 90 he could no longer see, nor youth, nor children.

Wrong choices were made. There was a kind of mirage towards professionalization and enrichment structures. You end up with projects that have nothing associative imposed by municipalities but also by state structures that have forced organizations to enter this self-destructive logic.

Tito Tito went to Wissous this week and people built a fetes.ils hall made a successful trick on land that was not obvious. The people want a common place. There is a really warm welcome in Wissous whether Balloche and Grosjean. Training took place between Interludes and MJC together and lasted three days. There was a high turnout and a best website for collage homework
lot of interaction.

There was a return to the usual pratqiues. The fact that we have made “workshops” to 7, it allowed us to implement a true observation. We are no longer in raw action. It goes beyond. We have the idea of ??continuing training by a monthly meeting would be co-hosted by Tito and Lawrence that would combine a practical analysis time, and a time of presentation concepts.

Samuel He went to present the film “The White Shark” in a rural community and with the association that manages a nursery “in the woods” It went as FNER meet around a conference on rural communes.